Article 1: Membership shall be composed of persons who are interested in promoting cheerleading and the purposes of this association and are members of existing organizations or companies that provide help and guidance to cheerleading such as educational¬†organizations, industry suppliers,¬†publications, competition¬†organizers, gym owners’ organizations, and other parties interested in cheerleading activities. The association will host an annual educational conference for representatives from all member organizations.

Article 2: The officers of this organization shall consist of a president and vice president elected by the Board of Directors. The board may, by two-thirds majority vote, appoint an executive director as well as other additional staff if deemed necessary.

Article 3: The board shall consist of 15 or fewer directors, six of whom shall be permanent members. Board elected directors shall serve two-year terms. There shall be no less than two regular meetings of the board of directors annually, one occurring during the membership conference. Teleconference and e-mail absentee voting will be acceptable. Organizational representation on the board shall include educational organizations (4), suppliers (2), uniform manufacturers/suppliers (2), publications/communications (1), competition organizers (2), safety organizations (1), non-school associations (1), an international representative, and ad hoc members (non-voting) upon recommendation and approval by the board.

Article 4: Officers and new board members shall be elected by the board during the meeting associated with the annual conference.

Article 5: Committees may be appointed by the president or executive director of the organization upon unanimous approval by the board of directors.

Article 6: Critical issues may be addressed publicly and/or positions published on behalf of the organization only when approved by a vote of two thirds of the board of directors.

Article 7: Any of these by-laws may be amended by a two thirds vote of the board of directors.